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We are able to tune up any personal tax mitigation plan according to your wishes and needs, sorting out issues related to beneficial ownership of foreign bank accounts, shares in foreign companies, hold of foreign gilts and treasury bonds , foreign Life Policy and material interest in an offshore fund.


As international tax specialists, we provide those clients operating in an international environment with tax intelligence in order to decrease their worldwide tax liabilities while remaining fully compliant with current laws, tax regimes and any set of general anti-avoidance rules (GAAR).

Tax residency

We advice on your residency and domicile tax implications also on UK deemed domiciled and temporary residence rules.
We help you to plan your residence and domicile status according to your availability of mobility, your current and future investments and the double tax treaties in place between your state of residence and your country of habitual abode.
We give you advice on issue related to taxation of your pension schemes, investments into retirement funds, director fees and stock options.


Tax planning for wealthy individuals
Inheritance tax mitigation

We help you to achieve the lowest tax rates for your investment and in order to achieve that we will working side-to-side with your wealth manager or private banker.
We help you to protect your wealth from unexpected claims and unpleasant events. When needed we will advice you on the best type of protection for your inheritance like envelope structure for your real estate or a bare trust settlement for your heirs and siblings.

Taxation of property overseas

International tax optimization of real estate investments across Europe, the GCC and CIS countries for direct and indirect taxes. Mitigation of tax burden applied to both your rental Income and the alienation of properties abroad.


Taxation of artists, actors and sport men